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Here Are The Top Five Richest People Living in Las Vegas

Here are the top five richest people living in Las Vegas and how they made their fortune.

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Peggy and Andrew turn they founded a tiny Chinese restaurant called Panda Express and have owned the Waldorf Astoria since 2018.

Number four is shared by the Fertitta brothers each with $2.8 billion. If you're a Vegas local, you know this name, the Fertitta brothers who were born and raised last vegans made their money through UFC and now the station casino portfolio.

Here Are The Top Five Richest People Living in Las Vegas

Number three is the self made Phil Ruffin at 3.3 billion. He now owns Treasure Island and CO owns Trump, but this man pioneered self service gasoline at a time it was normal for someone else to pump your gas.

Number two is Nancy Walton Laurie and Nancy has Walmart to think for her place on this list.

Number one is Miriam Adelson at a whopping $35 billion and might as well call her the queen of Las Vegas. The adolescents have their hands in a lot including the sands Corporation



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