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What You Should Know About Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas?

Let's take another look at @excaliburvegas by the one and only @vegasstarfish ❤️❤️

This is the casino that everyone loves to hate that was fully renovated in 2018 and it's not a bad budget property.

You can find rooms as low as $25 a night here, the gaming floor is spacious and clean. They've got really inexpensive food options, a great food court and one of the only @krispykreme on the Boulevard if that's your thing.

There are two @starbucks , @boldbajafresh which is better than Chipotle and a restaurant where you pay to have people make fun of you and I don't get it.

The Lounge has cheap drinks, no cover charge and live music regularly.

In the basement, there's a full size arcade with a midway and we have our own medieval times. It's called Tournament of Kings, you get dinner and a show and it's great for families.

The rooms here have all the old furniture from Mandalay Bay they're clean and get the job done.

The pools are great cabanas, are inexpensive. If you're on a budget this isn't a terrible choice.



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