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What movies where shot in Las Vegas?

"Movies You've seen that were filmed in Las Vegas. The movie 21 was filmed at the old hard rock which is now a virgin property, the former Riviera Casino which is now this parking lot fancy red rock and conveniently located Planet Hollywood. Austin Powers had scenes at Imperial Palace which is now Linq, the Stardust which is now Resorts World, Riding down the Vegas Strip, Circus Circus and just outside of Vegas in the Valley of Fire area. Real quick out of these three which is your favorite? mine is this next one. Rounding out this list is dodgeball.

Basically, the second half of the movie is all focused on the dodgeball tournament which is supposed to be in Las Vegas, but the competition scenes were actually shot inside a gym at this high school in Long Beach, California. In Vegas, they did film at what was the Monte Carlo Casino and I'm actually mad at myself for not remembering the Las Vegas Police Department made a Cameo." . by @Vegasfeedz



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