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Vegas IV is a Vegas Local Company that offers products that help keep people healthy and hydrated

Vegas IV is a Vegas local company that offers products that help keep people healthy and hydrated in order to enjoy Vegas at its fullest.

The best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere because Vegas IV will come to you, wherever you are in the City of Las Vegas.

Their medical professionals are available 24/7 to ensure you get the best service of IV therapy and feel good and healthy as this therapy has shown 20x better absorption than oral vitamins.

Vegas IV is not just about the Hydration Treatment, they offer treatments for Hangover, power up, immune system as well as for Cold and Flu.

➢ Hangover Recovery - Perfect for hangovers, but also excellent for pre- or post-travel,

sunburns and food poisoning. ➢ Power Up - Get the best out of your physical performance with a pre-activity

boost, or quicken your recovery with this post-activity treatment. ➢ Immune - Have a big meeting or event you cannot miss, or just feel like your

immune system is down? This treatment kicks in instantly, delivering an extra

boost to your immune system.

➢ Cold and Flu - Rehydrate and get the vitamins and minerals that will not only

help your cold and flu symptoms, but also decrease your length of illness.

➢ Hydration Plus - Their most versatile treatment, whether the hydration needed

is a little or a lot, this provides you with the essentials. When asking Dr. Rebecca Scherr, the Medical Director of Vegas IV to tell us more about these new products and how safe they are, she answered as follows:

“IV hydration alone is like amazing, but what I've done is I've come up with all these different additives to make the best cocktail for you. We have Hangover recovery, but it's not just for hangover, it’s also for Jetlag, Summer, just any time you need a dehydration. We have Immune for pre-cold, we have Cold and Flu and you do get sick and we have Power Up which is for athletes, which has amino acids so you can pick which one you want. They’re all safe and we do have a disclaimer for athletes who will get tested for performance enhancing drugs. Please consult me if you want to be getting tested for anything, and yes everything is safe, nontoxic and it’s in the body 100%” Make sure to check them out at



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