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Vegas 2024 - Rails, Rhythms, Roofs

Vegas 2024 - Rails, Rhythms, Roofs. Las Vegas is preparing for a thrilling makeover in 2024, with a number of ground-breaking initiatives that will completely change the city's appearance. With the much awaited gobrightline set to go up, work on a high-speed rail system linking Las Vegas and Los Angeles will finally begin, promising a travel revolution.

Vegas 2024 - Rails Rhythms Roofs

In January, olered will launch the first-ever multi-level country music venue on the famous Las Vegas Strip, so fans of the genre are in for a treat. A highlight of the area15official extension, unistudios Horror Unleashed adds a permanent Halloween experience to the mix.

Thebendlv by dapper_companies provides distinctive and modern architecture to the rapidly expanding southwest sector, complemented by neighborhood restaurants that elevate the local scene.

On the Strip, blvd_lasvegas commands attention with its promise to transform the city's experience thanks to a brand-new retail area and a large 100,000 square foot rooftop.

As 2024 draws to a close, Las Vegas is set up for a dynamic fusion of entertainment, innovation, and modernization that will give both locals and visitors a peek into the city's bright future.



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