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Three Rooftop Bars With Some of The Best Views in Las Vegas

Three bars with some of the best views in #LasVegas by @melissa_rittenhouse ❤️❤️ " This first bar is a bit of a hidden gem. It's the Sky Bar ar the @waldorfastoria Hotel. It's located in an awesome spot near the south end of the strip with an incredible view. Also, the ambiance of this place is amazing and the drinks are great as well.

Next is a @legacyclubvegas located at the @circalasvegas Hotel and Casino. This is one of the coolest bars in Las Vegas. It's hard not to feel like a million bucks when you're in here. Plus, they have a rooftop balcony which has an incredible view of downtown and the strip and the drinks here are unreal. Last but not least, we have a @ghostbarlv located at the @palms. This bar has an incredible view. It's a little bit off the strip plus the bar has a huge balcony so you get to see everything all the way up from the @stratvegas down to @allegiantstadium just has an incredible view of the Las Vegas Strip, plus It has a more fun club vibe as well."



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