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The Positive Side of Formula 1 Las Vegas 2023

"There has been a lot of negativity surrounding the Formula One coming to Las Vegas due to the disruption it has caused locals and tourists but in 60 seconds, I'd like to explain the positive side of Formula One.

The Positive Side of Formula 1 Las Vegas 2023

Formula One isn't just fast cars making noise. It's an engine powering jobs, innovation and billions in economic impact. This is no ordinary race. This is a high tech spectacle pushing the boundaries of automotive science. Unlike spec series, like IndyCar where all teams use the same chassis in Formula One each team designs and builds their own car. This means the competition is not just in the driving, but in the engineering teams are constantly battling to create the fastest, most advanced cars through improvements in aerodynamics, engine efficiency materials and more cars are refined over and over throughout the season. While other series recycle the same frames year after year.

f1 is constantly pioneering new designs. New ideas is a testbed for technologies that eventually make streetcars safer, more efficient and more advanced. The strip will become a test lab for the future of transportation with over 100,000 fans filling hotels and restaurants Formula One will accelerate Las Vegas is economy.

This event is projected to pump $1.3 billion in one of the cities quite as weekends. So past the squeal of smoking tires the sound of increased tourism, global branding and innovations that will shape our roads Formula One brings disruption now, but accelerates Las Vegas is future the city of entertainment is about to become the world capital of racing. I am your Vegas navigator. Follow for everything Vegas."



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