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The Las Vegas Sign history and facts explained by

The legendary Las Vegas Sign history and facts explained by @vegasfeedz❤️❤️❤️ Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas is the name of it although it sits in Paradise, Nevada and here's five more Quick Facts You Didn't Know About The legendary Las Vegas Sign:

1- Before 2008, there wasn't free parking like there is today so people would run out to the middle of the road to get the photo in front of the 25 foot sign.

2- There's seven letters that make up the word welcome sit on white circles that are meant to represent silver coins as Nevada is nicknamed The Silver State.

3- The sign was a gift from local artist, Betty Willis in 1959, and it was never copyrighted or trademarked allowing it to remain public domain as her gift to the city only costing $4,000 to build.

4-The sign contains 99 light bulbs that are powered by solar and sold at auction once they begin to fade out so you can potentially own a piece of the Las Vegas sign.

5- Although, not as popular in photos, the sign does have a backside to it that reads drive carefully, come back soon.



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