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Super Bowl Vegas - Two-Person Budget

The cost for two individuals to attend the Super Bowl in Las Vegas during 2024 encompasses ticket prices, hotel accommodations, parking, and dining expenses, offering both a luxurious and a budget-friendly option.

Super Bowl Vegas: Two-Person Budget

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Super Bowl Vegas: Two-Person Budget. Beginning with ticket prices, securing a spot close to the action for two can run as high as $67,652.95. For those seeking a more economical choice, tickets in section 310, Row 13, may be acquired for approximately $29,717.50, equivalent to the cost of a new car or a house down payment.

Hotel stays vary significantly in price; Resorts World offers upscale lodging at around $1,200 for the night, whereas The Strat presents more modest rates starting at $300. Parking fees, typically ranging from $50 to $100, are expected to increase to a minimum of $200 due to the event.

Dining and beverages, usually estimated at $80 per person, are anticipated to cost around $200 for two, considering potential price hikes. Therefore, for those opting for a lavish experience, the total expenditure is estimated at $69,252.95, while a more cost-effective approach would total $30,417.50.

The question posed is whether these experiences, given their costs, are deemed worthwhile.



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