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Mining Ghost Town Near Las Vegas?

Have you been to this mining ghost town near Las Vegas? It has a collection of vintage items, plane wrecks, odd collectibles, and other relics. It's a part ghost town and part museum. It's called Nelson Ghost Town in Eldorado Canyon Wilderness.

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This town was originally called El Dorado by the Spaniards upon the discovery of gold. It’s one of the first major gold strikes in the state's history.

It’s part ghost town, part outdoor immersive museum approximately 40 mins from Las Vegas in the middle of the desert.

See an eclectic mix of relics, collectibles, old cars, plane wreckage and much more. They also offer a 90 min mins tour.

The site is only 5 miles from the Colorado River and 5 mins from a great hike “Bridge Spring Arch Trail”. Can combo it and explore all 3 sites in half a day.

Nelson Ghost Town

El Dorado Canyon Mine Tours

📍 16880 State Highway 165

☎️ 702.291.0026

🎟️ Only $2

🍔 there is a food truck on site



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