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Meow Wolf - Las Vegas Wild Attraction

Las Vegas has a wild attraction called @meow__wolf's @omegamartusa and here's what you can expect.

By @vegasstarfish ❤️

At first, it looks like a grocery store and everything is for sale even the tattooed chicken but if you look closely, you'll start to see there are glitches in the matrix. It is very realistic until it starts to get weird.

Be on the hunt for small portals. When you find a door, crawl through it and step into the other side. You are encouraged to check out everything, you never know what might be a door or where it might lead.

The other side is a psychedelic world full of textures and colors. There are slides and tunnels. There are experiences within the experience like a scavenger hunt you can participate in.

This is a fully immersive interactive art experience and it's easy to spend two to four hours here. It's located inside area 15. Tickets are around $50 for adults and $45 for children.



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