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M LIFE and Royal Caribbean Status Matching explained

Status Matching explained by @thecreditbrothers ❤️❤️ . If you're visiting #Vegas and you have a Royal Caribbean Status, the first thing you need to do when you land in Vegas, is head on over to any MGM property, it doesn't matter which one, you're gonna go to the service desk, pull up your profile of Royal Caribbean status and show that to them, they're gonna do something called a status match.

M life and MGM are partners of Royal Caribbean, meaning they'll give you the equivalent status vice versa so you don't have to re earn that status again. The second thing, as soon as you walk over there they're gonna print you a card with their name on it and have a gold card here and then walk right across the street to @caesarspalace , same thing, go to their desk and say Hey, I have M life gold status. They're gonna print you out a card for Caesars Diamond Caesars Diamond status is one of the most valuable statuses in the entire world across the board across airlines, hotels, cruise ships because of the perks it gets you $100 Birthday credit you get suite upgrades to free tickets to go have drinks and enjoy the Ferris wheel and you can do this by doing nothing but taking a status you already have and leveraging a concept called status matching.



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