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Lion habitat at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas by @VegasFeedz

You're looking at a 2010 clip from the former lion habitat at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The original entrance to the MGM Grand that we can all visit today was a large lion head where you entered through the mouth. This lion head was supposed to be a cartoon like version of MGM's mascot Leo the Lion. However, as you can tell this was an obvious Miss. Once you made it through the lion's mouth, the former Interior greeted guests with an extensive Wizard of Oz theme, of course including the Cowardly Lion.

After doing a study on why the casino was performing worse than expected, execs found that specific customers found it to be bad luck to walk through the jaws of a lion. The lion head entrance was demolished making way for this 50 ton Leo the Lion statue to be built. By 2000, almost all traces of the Wizard of Oz theme were removed, yet the lion theme remained in full force. A year prior in 1999, MGM opened the lion habitat referred to as the main attraction. You could have found the habitat inside the casino until 2012, but here's likely evidence of one of the reasons why it was removed. Video by @VegasFeedz



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