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Las Vegas WILL NOT run out of water!

Will Las Vegas Run Out of Water?💧 Explained by the one and only @Itsdaniel.Leo There’s been a lot of hype around the drought and even more now after the new shortage cuts, but take a deep breath… Vegas is NOT going to become a ghost town! 👻

1. We have some the BEST water conservation measures in the 🌍 How does a city gain 1 million people and use 26% less water? That’s pretty damn remarkable and Nevada residents + officials should be proud of that.

2. The way Colorado River water is dispersed is RIDICULOUS! There’s no way Mexico should get 5X more of it then us and same with California! A few contracts and signatures could change the entire outlook of what this “crisis” looks like. Don’t forget about “The 3rd Straw” look that up if you don’t know!

3. There’s so much money invested in Las Vegas by the ultra wealthy! There’s a good amount of billionaires who invest in Las Vegas and go to EVERY measure to be as CAUTIOUS with their money as possible… that should tell you everything you need to know.



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