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Las Vegas News Updates and Rumors For September 2023

Las Vegas news updates and rumors for September 2023. What are your thoughts? 🤯

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@f1is not getting as much traction as what Vegas thought and hotel prices are starting to go down. They used to be 1100 bucks per night during the race and now you can see rates as low as 300 bucks. If you booked you're technically screwed because the rates are non refundable. But if you are coming around that time and you haven't booked yet keep a close eye on the rates because it looks like they are going down.

Las Vegas News Updates and Rumors For September 2023

According to the first ever @nfl slots hit the casino floors and the new casino @fontainebleaulasvegas is rumored to be opening December 2nd This year, in these room pictures will show us what the rooms will look like and how things are coming along.

Man apparently shot himself while at the @horseshoevegas casino floor.

If you cash in your check at the Longhorn casino, you get a wheel spin, and you can win up to $1,000 in slot play.

@wynnlasvegas resort releases a Dubai concept. Will the Middle East be the next Vegas?

new updates on @durangoresort. It's gonna have a Mexican restaurant called @mihosushii, which is going to have a speakeasy called the wax rabbit.



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