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Las Vegas Casino Secrets

The first thing is that there are no windows or clocks in casinos that you lose track of time.

Slot machines actually make the most amount of money for casinos and in Nevada, they're legally required to pay out a minimum of 85% of their bets as winnings.

That means if you put $100 into one of these machines over time, you can expect to win about $85 in the long run.

The carpets are ugly and disorienting and that's done on purpose so that you look up at the Games.

Also, there are no hard right turns in a casino, everything just kind of flows and they set all the machines up high so the average height person can’t see over them. Again, their intention is so you won’t be able to see far or navigate easily.

Casino designers don't want you making hard right turns because that activates the decision making part of your brain which they definitely don't want

Lastly, It is known that they keep it super cold inside the casino so you can stay up and keep playing.

Video by @humphreytalks



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