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Kyu's Fusion Feast-Vegas Adventure

Unprecedented enthusiasm has been created by the debut of Kyu Restaurants at the recently opened Fontaine Bleau Las Vegas. They are already well-known in Miami and New York, and their upcoming move to Los Angeles has generated excitement.

This newest restaurant offers a varied menu that entices the senses and captures the heart, combining Asian culinary grace with wood-fired BBQ expertise.

Kyu's culinary prowess is accentuated by its delectable ramen eggs and delicious garlic cucumbers. A notable dish that leaves customers raving is the superbly constructed wagyu tartare served tableside.

A menu that includes dishes like crunchy oysters, smoky chili tuna, bone marrow banchan, and delicious duck breast, each mouthful reveals a tale of inventiveness and fusion of flavors.


The Kyurestaurants at Fontaine Bleau Las Vegas offer more than simply a meal; they offer an extraordinary culinary adventure that combines the creativity of Asian-inspired dishes with the scents of wood-fired cooking.


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