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How Does The Las Vegas MSG Sphere work?

Las Vegas MSG Sphere costs $2.3 billion to build, which is more than both the @bellagio and the Allegiant Stadium in Vegas.

How Does The Las Vegas MSG Sphere work? The stunning imagery produced by the sphere is done with 1.2 million hockey puck sized LEDs that wrap around a 336 foot tall and 516 foot wide structure. The inside of the sphere sets 18,000 People with a 16k LED screen that wraps around the entire building.

How Does The Las Vegas MSG Sphere work?

The sphere is equipped with roughly 160,000 speakers to provide the same audio for every seat in the building. To build this screen the spheres team had to engineer its own unique camera system called the Big Sky. The Big Sky camera has an insane 316 megapixel HDR sensor inside it.

To make processing this imagery practical the sphere team had to develop its very own software, so even a laptop can be used to deliver content to the massive dome.

The very first event at the sphere will be a @u2 concert and it will push the limits of what we know about the sphere and its capabilities.



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