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Here are 5 FREE things to do in Las Vegas!

Here are 5 FREE things to do in Las Vegas!

OFF The Strip:

1️⃣ Explore 7 Magic Mountains (in reel) - located 25-mins from The Strip is this desert art installation that features colorful rock formations! Take pics and get a little taste of the Mojave desert.

2️⃣ Hike Red Rock Canyon - there's a section of Red Rock that is free to visit, hike, and rock climb! Bring the family and enjoy those vibrant sandstone canyons!

3️⃣ Experience Fremont Street & the Container Park - welcome to Old Las Vegas (this was the OG Vegas!). It's sensory overload but it's got a bunch of street performances, music, lights, food...and most importantly, people-watching like no other 😆

ON The Strip:

4️⃣ Stroll the Bellagio Botanical Gardens - I hate The Strip, but I'll only go there to see the insane displays made up of REAL FLOWERS. The exhibits change 5-times a year, but I truly loved the winter one!

5️⃣ Watch The Fountains of Bellagio - not gonna lie, the water show is pretty epic. The fountains are "choreographed" to music and light displays. The shows are daily, happening every 15-30 minutes.


💰 If you're traveling to Las Vegas on a BUDGET (or just lost everything in the casinos), there's a ton of free things to do!



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