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Hawaii Fluid Art - Vegas Escape

Savor your creative side at Hawaii Fluid Art, which is tucked away next to Dillards on the second floor of Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas. Artists of all abilities are welcome to join this studio facility as they set out on an educational and exploratory adventure.

Hawaii Fluid Art - Vegas Escape

Hawaii Fluid Art - Vegas Escape. Their popular Fluid Art workshop reveals the enchantment of unexpected outcomes through an engrossing experience propelled by fluid dynamics. A one-hour canvas creation session is held in a ventilated studio that offers all the supplies needed for a stress-free creative experience.

Your journey as an artist doesn't end there. Immerse yourself in the Resin Tumbler experience by creating insulated, personalized mugs that serve as your emotional support system. With the studio's exclusive 3D Resin Beach Scenes workshop, you can create artwork that incorporates actual shells and sand, allowing you to take a little bit of the beach home.

The Glass Painting classes combine order with chaos in a way that's harmonic for individuals who like that kind of thing. Explore the skillful fusion of conventional methods with fluid dynamics within a regulated setting.

Hawaii Fluid Art offers a distinctive creative sanctuary in the center of Las Vegas by ensuring that every lesson is a smooth fusion of comfort and creativity.



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