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DJ Manifesto Is Reinventing Electronic Dance Music With Melodic Violin Sounds

Bringing something new and unique to the music industry is one of the most important aspects of being a musician. It’s what separates a visionary from a typical performer. Experimental musician DJ Manifesto is proof that manifesting a new sound might be a daunting route, but it is surely liberating.

What is special about DJ Manifesto is that he can merge various musical styles and influences into one cohesive sound. By combining graceful violin strings and the hypnotic beats of bass-driven, melodic electronic music, DJ Manifesto is able to create a transcendental sonic experience for his listeners. The idea of merging violin with electronic music is something that many people would consider an odd combination. However, DJ Manifesto is able to seamlessly merge the two by fusing them together in a way that sounds hauntingly beautiful.

The journey to becoming DJ Manifesto was a long one, but it was worth the struggle. It all started when the music enthusiast was first introduced to the violin at 5. At 11 years old, he was invited by his local YMCA to DJ an event. That was his first time ever behind the turntables, and it was the beginning of a lifelong passion. From there, DJ Manifesto began slowly honing his skills over time until he eventually took over his father’s recording studio and started producing his own music – and the rest is history.

DJ Manifesto has played thousands of shows all over the country and has even shared the stage with icons like Paul Van Dyk, Nadia Ali and Victor Calderone. While exploring his sound, DJ Manifesto has also tried his hand at many other creative endeavors. He was half of Los Angeles-based duo Rome Will Burn, a successful group that was able to garner over a million Spotify plays and play alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Randy Jackson and David Campbell.

Even with these achievements under his belt, DJ Manifesto is still not satisfied. He continues to push the boundaries of dance music and create a revolutionary sound that is all his own. When asked what sets him apart from other DJs, aside from his drive, relentless passion, and love for his craft, DJ Manifesto shares that his DJing draws inspiration from his experience in orchestra.

“I want to create a melodic journey through sound and emotion. I don’t just want people to dance. I want people to feel emotions, cry, laugh and, of course, dance all in one performance. I DJ like a violinist and play the violin like a DJ .”The versatile artist currently resides in Las Vegas, a city that he believes shares his love for eclectic music production and sound. Even after more than 20 years in the industry, DJ Manifesto reveals that his artistry is continuously evolving, and there is so much more that he is capable of. Unfortunately for his competition, nothing stands in the way of his goals. “I live off my art. I am 100% in this. No side hustle. This is my life. So every show is as if my life depended on it.”

To learn more about DJ Manifesto, check out his Instagram page and website.

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