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Did you know that Caesars Palace has 7 different beautiful pools?

Swim, sunbathe or rent a cabana in luxury at the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis. Featuring seven different pool experiences, Garden of the Gods allows you to choose your own experience with exclusive pools, decadent cabanas and lavish sunbathing spots.

Which one is your favorite?😍

With seven pools strategically located within an ancient Rome setup, you are in for a treat of Italian hospitality and leisure at the resort.

@caesarspalace offers a generous palate with different tastes of royalty and luxury in their multiple pools.

  1. The Temple Pool

This is the most recognizable of the seven pools and a favorite of many of the establishment’s guests. Built to reminisce the ancient glory of Rome and Caesar-the great emperor of Rome, it’s a sight to behold. It has six Italian-style columns that support a dome in the middle of the pool.

2. The Neptune Pool

The Neptune pool is named after the Roman god of freshwater and the sea. It is the largest of the seven pools at Caesars, serving guests of all ages. It’s a rectangular 5,000-square-foot lap pool, fit for taking that swim race with your buddies that you have been talking about since 3rd grade.

3. The Venus Pool + Lounge

The only public pool among the seven luxury pools in the Garden of The Gods Pool Oasis is the Venus Pool + Lounge. You are in for a round of fun and luxury: $20 gets you access to the pool and a lounge chair. You can always upgrade to a more befitting cabana or daybed at a fee. This public pool is open to those aged 21 and older only, as it holds exclusive party scenes that are to die for.

4. The Fortuna Pool

Centrally located in the pool oasis, the Fortuna pool is named after the goddess of luck and fortune. The name calls for it, and luck rains on the four blackjack swim-up tables at the pool. Imagine swimming and gaming! What a combo. Add the signature cocktails being served by the bartender at the Fortuna bar—mind-blowing.

5.The Bacchus Pool

Formerly sectioned off for invited VIPs and high rollers, the Bacchus pool offers VIP treatment to its loungers. The pool is named after the Roman god of wine and ecstasy, and it lives up to its name with the luxurious, high-end treatment it offers. Relax in one of the 8 deluxe daybeds or 8 cabanas available at the poolside. Should extra seating be a necessity, water chaise chairs are also at your disposal. You can avoid crowds and spend time like a celebrity for only $150 for a daybed.

6.The Apollo Pool

The Apollo pool is tucked away in the southwest corner of the property. It’s away from the crowds, making it ideal for sunbathing in the quiet just enjoying the sun on your skin. It‘s named after the Roman god of the sun and light. You can get your tan right with your girls in one of the 5 cabanas or 4 daybeds available.

7. The Jupiter Pool

The only pool built with children in mind at the Garden of The Gods Oasis is the Jupiter pool. Named after the king of the Roman gods, Jupiter Pool is the perfect retreat for your kids in the summer. It features a kid-friendly environment with a food and beverage menu to match. Themed floaties, bubbles, and life-sized games are a perk your kids will love.

You can choose one of the pools depending on your preference.

video credit: @lasvegas.explorer

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