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AAA AMC became nationwide in 2018 offering both residential and commercial appraisals all over the U

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / December 26, 2020 / The role of the Appraisal Management Company (AMC) was originally created to stand as a protective firewall between Lenders and Appraisers. It was instituted to prevent any type of influence on Appraisers when completing their market evaluation on a property.

AMCs have existed since the 1960s but not in the numbers they do today; of course, business volumes have grown over that time period.

Just like the name implies, AAA AMC is the best in the business!

AAA AMC is one of a handful of woman-owned appraisal management companies in the United States. AAA AMC is the ONLY nationwide, certified women-owned AMC via the WBENC in the USA. It was founded in 2008 by its Founder and CEO, Marlene Chaker with a keen focus on quality, customer service and dedication to both her clients and vendors.

AAA AMC does not just promise the best, they deliver the best! They value their clients and their borrowers, and they can understand that time is of the essence when closing a loan. That is why clients of AAA AMC are accustomed to receiving the best appraisal reports delivered on time by the top Appraisers the industry has to offer.

What AAA AMC's Clients and Industry Leaders Are Saying About Them:

"We are always excited to see our members enjoy sustained success and excellence, and AAA-AMC is not only one of the premier appraisal management companies in the nation, they are a model for our industry to follow."

Dustin Hobbs, Communications Director, California MBA, CA

"Talk about positive attitude! I looked up the definition of positive attitude in the dictionary and they had your picture in there. Let's see...optimistic (check), positive (check), persistent (check), generous (check), grateful immigrant (check), creative owner and founder (check), fun, friendly, collaborative, competitive person (check, check, check, check)."

Doug Duncan, SVP & Chief Economist at Fannie Mae

What AAA AMC's Appraisers and Industry Leaders Are Saying About Them:

"Since I started my collaboration with AAA AMC, I found a very professional team but with a lot of human touch. Whenever I asked for help, someone was there for me, whenever I did a good job, someone just told me that. Those are things that make a difference in our business!"

Dan Ciora, Appraiser, DC Valuation Services, Los Angeles, CA

"Their entire office works so hard and always treats me with great respect and also very personal-like I am a person, not a nobody-I love that, thank you! I am always so happy when an email comes over with an offer of an order! Thank you so much for having me on your list of approved appraisers and I really enjoy working with you all."

Kristine Polanco, Appraiser, On Target Appraisals, CA

AAA AMC understands the changing regulatory and compliance environment in which their industry is part of and that is why they are members of both the Mortgage Bankers Association and the California MBA.

Their Founder and CEO, Marlene Chaker, has sat as a Board of Directors for the California MBA since 2017. Their team is regularly attending events around the nation to ensure they are well educated and ahead of all changes.

Their highly trained and experienced staff is ready to serve with fast response times and accurate updates on all your open orders and pending questions. They continually focus on being a valued partner in helping their clients achieve maximum success. AAA AMC embraces how unique each of their clients are and works tirelessly to provide them with tailored solutions that meet their specific needs while remaining flexible to change and grow with them along the way.

Lenders, bankers, or mortgage brokers who are ready to receive the attention they deserve should contact AAA Appraisal Management Company, LLC today. They guarantee happiness and satisfaction in the customer service they provide. AAA AMC has more than 6,500 certified appraisers under their panel. That panel grows daily!

If you're interested in becoming a AAA AMC Appraiser, click this link and provide some background information on yourself. A member of AAA AMC management team will then get in touch with you.


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