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7 Unexpected Facts About Raiders - Allegiant Stadium

7 Unexpected Facts About Raiders - Allegiant Stadium. Most NFL fans don't know that the Raiders have two retractable playing surfaces that they swap out for games and these other seven quick facts about Allegiant stadium. NFL games feature a natural grass field while UNLV and other college games play on artificial turf.

7 Unexpected Facts About Raiders - Allegiant Stadium

Since the city of Las Vegas gets near 300 days of sunlight per year, the field is left outside where it is irrigated and allowed to soak up the desert sun. The field sits in a tray that weighs nearly 20 million pounds and takes 65 minutes to fully retract into the stadium.

Typically the Raiders move the field 48 hours before game time to allow for proper setup. The torch in the 200 level was 3d printed and stands 85 feet tall. This tradition started back in 2011, to honor the passing of raiders owner Al Davis and his continued to be lit before every home game. It symbolizes the vision Davis had that the fire that burns brightest in the Raiders organization is the will to with Allegiant stadium stadium cost $1.9 billion to build making it the second most expensive stadium in the NFL.

However, at only 65,000 seats, it is tied for just 28th in the league and max capacity. Since moving to Las Vegas, the value of the Raiders franchise has increased from about $2.9 billion to around $6.2 billion. And fact number seven, it was a fumble.




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