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2024 Vegas - Beyond Your Imagination

2024 in Las Vegas's dynamic environment offers an exciting schedule of openings and events that highlight the city's wide range of entertainment and culinary options. Excitement is in the air as Super Bowl LI approaches, paving the way for an exciting February. On January 20, the Ice Age Fossils State Park opens to the public, allowing nature lovers to discover its beauties.

2024 Vegas - Beyond Your Imagination

In February, the legendary Harlem Globetrotters bring back fond memories, and in the District at Green Valley Ranch, there are delicious options at Flower Child and North Italia. With promise of unforgettable experiences, the city welcomes dreambox360 at Linq Promenade and Electric Pickle at The Bend.

2024 Vegas , Beyond Your Imagination. There is a wide range of entertainment available, from the contagious energy of Sesame Street Live to the musical skill of George Strait. Sports fans can anticipate the NHL Draft at the Sphere and Las Vegas Thrill Pro Volleyball at the Dollar Loan Center.

Alongside up-and-coming artists like Morgan Wallen and the whimsical Bluey's Big Play Tour, musical icons like the Rolling Stones and Dave Matthews Band take the stage.

Popular restaurants such as Whataburger and Bojangles have joined the culinary scene, along with the much awaited Hmartofficial. For lovers of Broadway, Peter Pan soars at the Smith Center, bringing a little magic to the metropolis. In 2024, Las Vegas offers both residents and visitors an amazing time with a wide range of events covering sports, music, theater, and cuisine.



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