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About Best of
Las Vegas 702

Best  of Las Vegas 702 was created during the pandemic when when whole world was economically suffering, aiming to show the Best of Las Vegas and support the local businesses by sharing their product and services with the locals and more importantly giving hope and support to those were in need.

With all the love and support we got from our audience, we were lucky enough to grow organically on Instagram and connect virtually with our community by focusing on 2 main points;

1- Showing the Best of Las Vegas

2- Supporting local businesses

always with love!

Due to the 10 years experience in Branding, Marketing and PR, we decided to take this project to the next level, put a plan together and make sure to add value and help the local businesses, in a way, that guarantees that their audience will see, know, understand and connect with their brand, services, products or their person itself.

Check out our Packages page and learn more about the process.

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